Did you know that not all lighting contractors in Florida have a license? At first, you may think that a license doesn’t matter that much as long as you get what you want from the project. But before you hire someone who isn’t licensed for your next landscape lighting installation (or for any other project), know that the end results of your project most often prove that choosing a certified, licensed contractor is your best bet toward getting a contractor who is trusted, qualified and experienced enough to get the job done right. Its sensitive job so there are some safty tips for outdoor lighting you should consider and be aware about the durability of Blubs.

Why does having a license matter? For starters, a license shows that you have experience and skill as a contractor. Before a company gets a license, background checks, financial checks, and business ethics checks are performed. This ensures that their clients are protected from shady practice and that the company is financially responsible and qualified to do the work they are licensed to perform. By hiring a licensed lighting contractor, you know you are hiring someone who has the skills and experience to visualize your project, oversee it effectively, and leave you with beautifully illuminated landscaping.

Also, testing is required every two years to keep a license and certifications in landscape lighting installation. You can tell if someone is state certified by looking at the business card. If they have a proper license, then the contractor is required by the state to put that number on their business card (if their license number is not on their business cards, they can face a $1,000 fine).

You can also only qualify for a specialty lighting license if your business provides proof of maintaining solid financial operations and holding its employees to certain standards. This is important for your project because it ensures the company won’t try and get away with using subpar materials or let employees who aren’t background checked or qualified onto your property to work.

Check out these links for more information about licensing:

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When you hire a lighting contractor without a license, you really don’t know what you’re going to get when it comes to your project’s results. Feel confident in the outcome of your project, knowing that your investment in lighting will pay off, by choosing us at Elegant Custom Images, Licensed Contractor #ES12000618. Contact us today to schedule your estimate!