Black bears seem to be roaming all over Central Florida these days. Once considered threatened, bears now stroll through neighborhoods in Seminole County, in particular. It’s common to see the creatures climbing trees and rifling through garbage cans. For many residents, bear sightings haven’t been that big a deal. But ever since a 45-year-old Lake Mary woman was attacked outside her home, people have become more concerned about the growing bear population.

Local politicians are searching for ideas on what to do. One suggestion that’s been made is to require residents who live west of I-4 to have bear-proof garbage cans to help deter the beasts. There’s another option homeowners should consider too: landscape lighting.

One of our customers recently had an encounter with a black bear that thankfully, had a happy ending because she had installed landscape lighting. She told us that she was sitting on the patio reading a book when her little dog suddenly went ballistic. The reason? A giant Florida black bear had just sauntered through their yard about five feet away, and then proceeded over to the nearby creek.

A matchup between our customer’s dog – weighing in at 8-1/2 pounds vs. a 350-pound bear would not have ended well!

If you live in an area that’s experiencing frequent bear visits, landscape lighting can help the members of your family – including the four-legged variety – stay safe at night. For a free estimate, contact Elegant Custom Images today at 321-217-7822.

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