Landscape lighting is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your Orlando home. Doing it the right way will highlight features, and allow you to control the overall mood of your home at night.

Some of the best ways to use outdoor lighting have been utilized by professionals for years. Now, it’s become easy for you to take these tips to add dramatic lighting that makes your home beautiful, safe, and comfortable.

1. Balance Design and Function

Before any light fixtures are installed, it’s crucial to consider the design of your home. Are there areas that you’d like to accentuate at night? Are there pockets of darkness that you’d like to eliminate with light?

Now consider the function of your home. Stairs and walkways are key areas when designing landscape lighting. Not only do these areas need light for safety, but they’ll also make your home easier to navigate at night.

Striking a balance between the design and function of your property gives you lighting that meets all of your needs.

2. Choose Focal Points

When choosing areas that you’d like to highlight, divide your landscape into different sections. Within each section, pick one or two focal points that you’d like to bring out visually. Trees, artwork, or architectural designs are good places to start.

Take in a variety of views of your landscape. This includes indoor views. Your lighting should be appreciated from inside your Orlando area home, and provide you visibility and aesthetic details through your windows.

3. Aim Your Lighting Correctly

Many people have their light fixtures installed high. But aiming your lights from different directions is a useful way to create effects for your landscape. Downlighting can be used as way of mimicking moonlight.

On the other hand, uplighting allows you to play with shadows, and highlight objects in interesting ways. Combining both into what is known as cross lighting, takes away the shadows, and has unique effects that you can experiment with. This is done by lighting an object from both directions.

4. Less is Sometimes More

The landscape lighting pros know that too much lighting can take away from the look of your home. The basic rule is that the light sources should be kept out of view. The light is the main feature you want to see. This tip alone will do wonders for your landscape design.

Focus on the key areas you’d like to bring out with your lighting, and vary the light source and direction you use. Following these simple tips will give you a landscape lighting design that is as functional as it is beautiful.

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