Outdoor lighting is essential to any home or business. Why? Outdoor lighting provides safety and adds beauty and even elegance. Be sure when installing outdoor lighting that you are aware of the top safety concerns.

  • Ensure the Proper Equipment. This may go without saying, but be sure that you are actually installing lighting equipment that is specifically made for the outdoors. Outdoor lighting equipment is very different from indoor lighting equipment. Outdoor-rated bulbs, fixtures and cords will weather outdoor conditions better and save you money in the end.
  • Use the Right Tools. To safely install outdoor lighting, or any lighting for that matter, ensure you have the proper tools. Some lights that are installed in high places will require tall ladders; make sure you have a safe and sturdy one.
  • Call a Professional. Our top safety tip for outdoor lighting is to call a professional. A professional will know what equipment to use and have all of the necessary equipment needed to safely get the job done.

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