Modern outdoor lighting is an exciting, creative and noticeable way to add character and curb appeal to your home and/or business. Modern outdoor lighting, if done right, can make a statement of style. If you are in the market for modern outdoor lighting, check out this expert advice on today’s top trends:

  • Go BoHo- Bohemian, Moroccan, and hanging lights are all fun and unique modern outdoor lighting trends. These trendy lights can be placed on patios or walkways, hung from trees, and more. Many restaurant owners use BoHo-type lighting to add the theme of their restaurant.
  • Industrial Chic- A current trend that is gaining in popularity for modern outdoor lighting is industrial chic. With this fun style, lighting fixtures are inspired by old factories and use a lot of wood, metal, and light bulbs without covers.
  • Subtle or Bold Wall Sconces- Wall sconces have been used on exteriors for many years. Today’s modern outdoor lighting trend using wall sconces is to go with bold colors, shapes, and/or designs. Whether you choose a bold or subtle look, wall sconces are always a great outdoor lighting choice because of their beauty and functionality.
  • The Solar Solution- A trendy and cost-effective modern outdoor lighting trend is to use solar LED lights to light an outdoor space. This is a great option for lighting pathways, decks, or landscaping. You will save money because the lights are powered by the sun during the day and provide a soft, romantic glow at night.
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