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LED landscape lighting has made huge gains over the last several years. The technology is here to stay. Elegant Custom Images has the technology to install small LEDs for waterfalls and fountains. We also have the LED technology for uplighting for architectural and landscape designs. We carry several options for our customers. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t recommend using aluminum LED fixtures where the LED bulb is integrated into the fixture. Aluminum doesn’t fare well in the heat and humidity of Florida. As a result, the fixture itself may rust and corrode prematurely. Even though the LED may be still good, you will have to bear the expense of replacing the entire fixture. In our applications, if anything were to happen with either the LED bulb or the fixture, a repair can be made  very easily. If you have an application where trees will grow, or if you want to increase the amount of outdoor lighting on your current Central Florida home, but have transformer, line, or fixture restrictions, then LED bulbs are the way to go. LED bulbs don’t have delicate filaments which can be damaged due to the movement of fixtures during maintenance or by rough landscape maintenance crews.


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The color of the bulbs varies, depending on the desired effects and customer preference. Normal is a warm white. We also have a pure white as well as a bulb with a slight blue tint which is mainly used for special effects or underwater. At Elegant Custom Images, we carry LED chips made by world leader, Cree Manufacturing, and drivers by National Semiconductor. These LED outdoor lighting products are made in the USA, which means we don’t have to rely on shipments from overseas to get here on time. The chips we use are rated at 30,000 hrs, and are guaranteed for 5 years. Our LED landscape lighting fixtures will save about 90% against standard lighting systems, saving you $100s or even $1,000s per year. So, while the initial cost of LED Installation is higher than standard low voltage systems, you’ll make that cost back in about three years, so the payback on your utility bill is a huge consideration.

LED Landscape Lighting in Windermere, FL

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Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Elegant Custom Images carries a variety of landscape lighting fixtures to suit your needs, depending on your budget and style preferences. Our Heavy Brass lighting fixtures are top of the line in terms of both quality and durability. We get our solid brass fixtures from a manufacturer that has years of experience, and is well known as an industry leader in landscape lighting fixtures. Milled Brass fixtures are another option for your landscape lighting needs. These fixtures are second to none in terms of quality, with a price tag that falls midway between the cheapest and most expensive lighting fixtures. Milled brass fixtures are heavy duty and come with a full 25-year warranty. Some landscape lighting firms promote low-cost aluminum lighting fixtures. But, there’s a big trade-off when it comes to durability, particularly in Florida. Aluminum fixtures may be cheaper than brass, but they don’t fare well in our heat and humidity. They rust and corrode prematurely. Powder coated products fade quickly too. And most take a lesser wattage bulb as a maximum size, compared to other metal fixtures. Aluminum lighting fixtures are also more susceptible to damage from landscapers. These fixtures typically don’t last more than 2-3 years, compared to brass, which will last for decades. Investing a little more today in a brass fixture will pay dividends for years to come.


We use only stainless steel, 25-year transformers. The cores have been wrapped in silicone to prevent corrosion here in Florida. The products are very good quality and have capacities ranging from 300 watts to 1500 watts. The transformers all are multi-tapped, which enable us to design a landscape lighting system that has the exact voltage requirements at every location on your property. This is an important piece as the bulbs are halogen gas bulbs. They require heat to light the bulb. Voltage provides the heat. If the voltage is too high or low, then the bulbs will burn at a faster rate. Too high on the voltage very well could destroy the lighting fixture on top of everything else. So the proper amount of voltage is an absolute must. They all have multiple commons, which allow us to spread the amp loads out across the transformer and keep the system running as cool as possible.Remember, the cooler things run, the longer they last!

Lighting Wire

On all home runs, we use nothing but high quality 12 gauge wire, all UL approved, underground burial wire. The lighting wire is guaranteed for the life of the system.

Landscape Lighting Bulbs

We use 75,000 hour rated LED lights in our outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. The LED’s come in various colors such as warm white (most commonly used), standard white and cool white. When the landscape lighting system is designed correctly, with the proper voltage maintained at each fixture, then the system will run a very long time.


At Elegant Custom Images, we solder all of our connections at the hubs, so the wiring cannot pull apart; we include brass crimping and place the connections in long, heavy duty grease tubes, and then place them in a main hub. In this way, we can certify that the connections will stay waterproof and have good connectivity. The tubes also keep the connection steady, which is so important in Florida. If a contractor uses wire nuts or clamp type connections, the integrity of the landscape lighting system will be compromised as the life span is shortened considerably.

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