One question that is asked of real estate agents in the Winter Park and greater Orlando area time and time again, is whether or not outdoor lighting adds value to a seller’s home. In a word: yes!

If it is well thought out, designed and installed, exterior lighting as part of your residential landscaping can increase your property’s value by up to 20%. The National Association of Home Builders has actually reported that over 40% of home buyers they surveyed listed this feature as “essential.”

Why might that be, you ask? Let’s take a look at some of the value-adding benefits that a little focus in this area can bring.

1. Aesthetics

Simply put, shedding some light on the exterior features of your house and property just adds to the beauty a potential buyer experiences. When properly lit, walkways, fences, landscaping, trees, fountains and other attributes are subtly enhanced. Augmenting what is often referred to as “curb appeal,” light makes the entire property appear larger, well-maintained and welcoming, even in those darker evening hours.

2. Security

Illuminated walkways and steps (as well as perimeter house lights) are an effective deterrent to would-be intruders. At first sight of your outdoor lighting, potential home buyers will feel safer and more secure on the premises than they might with properties that are less well lit. Peace of mind is valuable to all of us, and is something that people will pay more money to ensure that they have — especially in their home.

3. Ambience

Swimming Pool Lighting in WindermereDelicate outdoor lighting is sometimes called “romantic,” because it generates an extremely warm, home-like feel. And a “home” is precisely what potential buyers are seeking — a pleasant place where they can settle in, feel at ease and be comfortable. The inviting nighttime atmosphere and mood created by the soft-lit glow of lighted landscaping features can make the property more than simply a residence . . . it’s home.

4. Cost-Effective

One other benefit of landscape lighting when it comes to adding value to your home involves using LEDs. At Elegant Custom Images, we can convert current fixtures to LED bulbs IF the sockets on the insides of the fixtures stay dry. If they do, then there is no problem converting.

Here’s an important consideration when it comes to add-on LEDs. A lot of times we run into prior installations where the contractor, to cut corners, put in lower wattage bulbs, then ran smaller size wire and smaller size transformer in order to cut costs. So, if something needed a 50 watt bulb, and a 20 watt bulb was installed, then things would look dim or dingy looking. When you convert to LED, we can take a 7 watt bulb, where it is equivalent to a 50 watt bulb, and really brighten things up a lot, while at the same time, saving the homeowner money on power due to lower watt LED bulbs.

Where to Add Landscape Lighting on Your Property

Do you happen to have a path around or through your garden? A pool or pond? Perhaps a fire pit? Light it up and show it off! Whether “uplighting” the columns on either side of your front entryway, making the pathway to your door easier to see, brightening up the backyard party/recreation area, or attracting attention to a particularly striking characteristic of your yard, the right light can make a significant difference when it comes time to sell your home.

Best of all, taking advantage of all of these benefits is probably far less costly than you might imagine. Some simple lighting changes can dramatically transform your property AND profit, so don’t pass up this cost-effective way to make your home stand out in the marketplace.

To get more information about all of the many outdoor lighting options available, contact Elegant Custom Images. For over a decade, we’ve been lighting up neighborhoods all over Orlando and Winter Park and would love to help you increase the value of your home with the flip of a switch! Call 321-217-7822 now for a free estimate.

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