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At Elegant Custom Images we offer landscape lighting, outdoor lighting, LED Landscape lighting, LED flood lights, outdoor light fixtures for the greater Orlando, FL area.

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Delivering Premium Outdoor Orlando Landscape Lighting Systems at Moderate Prices throughout Orlando and Central Florida. At Elegant Custom Images we provide outdoor landscape lighting that enhances the beauty of your home and property, while delivering a measure of security for your family and friends. Our services include, Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, LED Flood Lights, Landscape Lighting Design, Landscape Lighting Installation, LED Landscape Lighting, Landscape Lighting Maintenance.

Orlando Outdoor Landscape LightingThe lighting specialists at Elegant Custom Images, are some of the best trained lighting designers and installers in the industry. With special focus in the surroundings and landscapes of Orlando, they know exactly how to produce outdoor lighting landscape designs that have the look you desire for your Orlando home or commercial property.

Orlando landscape lightingWe can defiantly transform your Orlando, landscape with energy-efficient, low voltage landscape lighting that highlights your home’s best features. We will take into account the architectural design of your home in our design process, so we can improve visibility while creating the perfect mood to suit your personal taste. As certified landscape lighting Orlando, FL contractors, we stay up to date with all the latest Orlando outdoor landscape lighting advances to supply our customers with beautiful designs that make use of the most cost-effective technologies.

Orlando Landscape LightingOur installation teams have the expertise and experience to install your Orlando landscape lighting system to the highest industry standards today. We work in new and existing landscapes everyday. On every installation, our goal is to leave every job site meticulously clean, as though we were never there. The only thing we want to leave behind is the Orlando landscape lighting that will drape your home and property in warm elegance, and (also the big smile on your face from another job that has been well done).

At Elegant Custom Images, we believe in building long term, satisfying relationships with our clients. We also believe that the outdoor landscape lighting in Orlando, FL we install for you today should look just as good 10-20 years from now also. We even provide full service and repair for Orlando and surrounding area clients who may have had their system installed by another company, but are not receiving the level of service they need to keep their Orlando landscape lighting functioning as it should.

Elegant Custom Images services residential and commercial properties, such as small office buildings, hotels and theme parks, throughout Orlando and Central Florida, including Windermere, Lake Nona, Winter Park, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Longwood, Heathrow, Palm Coast, Jupiter Island, Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL.

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Here are 5 Reasons why You Should Always Hire an Orlando Professional Landscape Lighting Contractor

These days everyone is searching on Pinterest for the best DIY project out there. We like to be more hands on and if we make extra time in our busy lives, we can save a few bucks creating what we hope becomes a masterpiece. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Especially when you should hire an experienced professional Orlando landscape lighting contractor. For example; The landscape lighting pros know that too much lighting can take away from the look of your home. The basic rule is that the light sources should be kept out of view. The light is the main feature you want to see. This tip alone will do wonders for your landscape design. Here are the top five reasons why you should hire an Orlando Professional Landscape Lighting Contractor instead of doing the work yourself.


  1. Workmanship and Warranties

The second thing to consider are both Workmanship and Warranties. Improper installation usually nullifies most manufacturer’s warranties. You may have a good amount of confidence in what you’re doing, but because you’re not an experienced Orlando landscape lighting contractor, there is no guarantee or warranty if something goes wrong later on down the line. This could cost you as the homeowner. Elegant Custom Images guarantees a year warranty on all work completed on your property.

  1. Professionals Use Professional Grade Systems

As a homeowner, you have probably trotted down the Orlando landscape lighting aisle at your local retail hardware store. You’ve looked at the number of landscape lighting kits that includes flood lights, wire connectors, a power pack, timer and what seems like enough cable to get you through your DIY. What you don’t realize is that this bargain kit that seems to have everything you need is missing something very important – High Quality Lighting.

Unlike plastic or metal kit lighting, a professional grade system is made up of architectural grade components engineered to be specific and installed by an experienced professional. You’ll get the effects you’re looking for that cannot be performed with the landscape lighting kit you found at the local retail hardware store.

  1. Lack of Expertise and Safety Issues

Finally the last thing to consider, unless you know the location of all underground wires and pipes, you risk damaging important aspects of your property resulting in more expenses. You can create possible sprinkler line breaks if you do not know what you are doing as you attempt to install yourself without a professional.

Elegant Custom Images respects your design and opinion. We are here to bring your vision to life while you relax in the safety of your home. Your time and money is valuable which is why leaving it to our professional team will be the best option for you as the homeowner.

  1. Tools and Materials

You may have a ladder, hoe or even a garden rake stowed away in your tool shed/garage, but do you have everything else you’ll need to finish installing your landscape lights? Probably not. This leaves you with a decision of purchasing more tools that you may never need or use again. There is nothing worse than starting a job and having to pause to go to the hardware store because you need additional tools/materials. This doesn’t only increase your expenses, but your frustration level as well. Elegant Custom Images will have all the necessary tools and materials needed for the job resulting in a completed project finished in a timely manner so there’s no run around for you.

  1. Consider the other elements

There are many other things to think about when purchasing a quality Orlando landscape lighting system. Design layout, voltage drop, light replacements, growing trees and shrubs, maintenance contracts – just to name a few. These important factors make a big difference in the layout, installation and life of your system. Remember this is an investment in your home or business and you will want to take into consideration all these things when making your decision.

If you’d like more information about outdoor lighting for your home in Orlando, LED Lighting design and maintenance, contact Elegant Custom Images. We’ve been lighting up homes and businesses throughout Orlando and Central FL for the last decade. So whether you live in Winter Park, Windermere or Orlando, our cost-effective solutions not only look fantastic, but look like you spent thousands more than you did! Call for a FREE consultation today.

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