How Much Does Installation for Landscape Lighting Cost?

One of the first questions consumers ask when considering whether to install landscape lighting is the cost. If you’re going to install the lights yourself, the installation is free! Your only cost will be for the lighting fixtures themselves. Keep in mind, however, that do-it-yourself lighting projects are great if you’re only adding a few lights around some bushes, or to light up a walkway. But if you’re looking for more dramatic lighting and shadow effects, then you need to hire a professional landscape lighting company.

That brings us back to the original question, doesn’t it? How much is it going to cost? To be frank, it depends. There are several variables that go into determining the price of outdoor lighting including the size of your property, number and type of lighting fixtures, and the type of installation employed.

Once the size of your property is measured, a licensed landscape lighting designer will work with you to determine the number of fixtures needed to achieve the lighting effects you desire. The more fixtures you purchase, the lower price per fixture you’ll pay.

Some landscape lighting companies may try to “save” you money by recommending that you install aluminum lighting fixtures. Don’t fall for this tactic. Aluminum may be cheaper than brass fixtures, but they don’t last in the Central Florida heat and humidity. Aluminum corrodes easily, so you’ll wind up paying to replace those fixtures in just a few years.

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If you pay a little more upfront for brass, you’ll get a fixture that is heavy duty, resists corrosion, and is made to last. In fact, the milled brass fixtures that Elegant Custom Images installs come with a full 25-year warranty. On average, homeowners in Winter Park and Orlando pay between $200-$240 per fixture.

Another variable that comes into play with outdoor lighting is the type of installation that’s performed. Some contractors recommend a “daisy chain” installation, which is generally easier to install, and a little less expensive. But we’ve found that this method over taxes the wire running the amps and causes the early lights to on the run to burn out more quickly. Elegant Custom Images uses the “hub and spoke” method, in which each wire going to a fixture will be of equal length, enabling each light to get the same amount of voltage, ensuring uniform brightness. This type of installation helps increase the lifespan of the bulbs, since the wear on each lamp is pretty consistent.

Installing landscape lighting can be a significant investment. But it will pay for itself over time, because of the added security and beauty it will bring to your home. To keep your lighting in good shape, it’s wise to invest in a maintenance policy with your contractor.

One last point to keep in mind, regarding the cost of installation, and that has to do with finding a qualified landscape lighting contractor. There are nearly 20,000 unlicensed contractors across Central Florida alone. These individuals may offer to do the work inexpensively, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll do a good job. And worse, these individuals rarely carry insurance, so if they get hurt on your property, you could be liable for their medical bills. Visit to verify if a contractor is licensed, before you hire anyone to install low voltage outdoor lighting on your property.

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