Landscape Lighting 101 - Everything you need to Know


Over the past few years, we realized that although each landscape is unique, many of the questions people have when purchasing outdoor lighting remain the same.

We found that in order to install the proper lighting, the majority of people have to answer the same core group of questions.

Most Common Questions about Landscape Lighting


How Much is My Outdoor Lighting Going to Cost for my Home?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question, especially over the phone. Every installation is different and is unique to the individual home or business owner. But the good news is, although there are many variables that go into a landscape lighting plan and installation, breaking down the process…

Which Lighting Fixtures are Best: Independent LEDs vs. Integrated LEDs?

Are you considering landscape lighting for your Winter Park home? One of the debates that has long been going on in the industry concerns the use of independent or “drop-in” LED bulbs versus integrated LED fixtures. Independent LED bulbs…

Why Should I Hire a Professional Landscape Lighting Contractor?

One of the best ways to show off your Orlando area home and yard is with landscape lighting. When done right, landscape lights can greatly enhance the beauty of your home, improve your curb appeal, and even increase your home’s value. You have a couple of choices when you want to light up your yard.

How Much Does Landscape Lighting Installation Cost?

One of the first questions consumers ask when considering whether to Install Landscape Lighting is the cost. If you’re going to install the lights yourself, the installation is free! Your only cost will be for the lighting fixtures themselves. Keep in mind, however, that do-it-yourself lighting projects are great if you’re only adding a few lights around…

Why Do I Need a Warranty for Outdoor Lighting?

If you plan to add outdoor lighting to your landscape in Winter Park, or elsewhere in Central Florida, make sure you get a warranty from your contractor. Depending on the size of your property, and the scope of your design, landscape lighting can be a big investment on your part. Having a guarantee that your lighting…

Why Use a Licensed Contractor?

Did you know that low voltage lighting requires installation from a licensed contractor? Homeowners who choose NOT to use a licensed contractor often run into these types of problems:

  • Substandard work
  • Non insured or bonded work
  • Workers comp liability…
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