By Bob Kelly

How much does landscape lighting cost?

What’s the price of a landscape lighting installation?

These are usually the first and most important questions a homeowner in Winter Park or a business owner in Orlando asks when they contact us about installing landscape lighting for their home or business.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question, especially over the phone. Every installation is different and is unique to the individual home or business owner.

But the good news is, although there are many variables that go into a landscape lighting plan and installation, breaking down the process into five simple steps will easily help get to the root of your outdoor lighting and installation costs. Read about some common mistakes landscape contractors often do. Learn about them to avoid.

1. Determining the size of your property

By measuring the size of your property, we will be able to determine the number and size of lighting fixtures you will need. The good news here is that the more fixtures you purchase, the lower price per fixture you will pay.

The level of safety and security you desire is also a consideration in establishing the number of fixtures you will need. Once this number is determined, you have also just completed the first step in gaining peace of mind for your home or business.

2. Establishing your needs

Performance and reliability are of paramount importance in any landscape lighting design. One of the factors that goes into deciding what will work for you is fixture durability. While we believe in using high-quality materials and long-lasting brass fixtures, we also establish your lighting plan with your budget in mind.

For instance, are you looking for a short-term solution or long-term protection? The price range you will pay for fixtures and materials will depend upon the answer to this question. In the long run, paying the most you can afford will provide you with the best long-term solution. Low cost fixtures, such as those made of aluminum, can be adequate for a few years; however, our superior brass fixtures are made to last and are resistant to the deteriorating effects of salt water and high humidity that Florida experiences year after year.

Quality-priced fixtures also provide greater performance with regard to reliability and failure rate, making them the most reliable choice. On average, homeowners for landscape lighitng in Winter Park and Orlando typically pay between $200-$240 per fixture.

3. Establishing your desires

After establishing the needs for your home or business, the next step is to think about your desires for your outdoor lighting proposal.

Most home and business owners would feel that, along with the necessary components of performance, safety and reliability, beauty is also a determining factor in their selection of lighting fixtures. At Elegant Custom Images, we put together a lighting design, and then ask the customer for their input. It’s fine if the homeowner likes and dislikes certain aspects. They can add or take away from a design. That doesn’t make it good or bad, but rather, it gets the client involved in the design phase.

You need to feel satisfied with the style of your selections and the design of your plan. You must be happy with the aesthetics. And you should be able to enjoy your outdoor lighting as much as you would any indoor element of design in your home or business.

4. Creating your budget

Once you have determined both your needs and your desires for your lighting plan, it’s time to create your budget. This process does not have to be as scary as it sounds. There are three very important factors that will necessarily determine the range of your budget:

(1) the finish of the fixture you select—we use two different types of high-quality durable brass that are built to survive the humid Florida climate (as opposed to lower-cost, but short-lived aluminum);

(2) the quality of the materials—we use only high-performance, high-grade transformers, wire, connections, and LED bulbs. Long life and durability of these materials saves you money in the long run; and

(3) design and labor—we employ the best designers and contractors dedicated to satisfying your needs and desires for a custom lighting plan, at a price that will fit within your budget and provide the most value for your money.

5. Looking at warranties & guarantees

No quality landscape lighting design would be satisfactory without acquiring the peace of mind that comes from knowing the materials and fixtures used for your home or business are of superior quality and carry full warranties for their performance. Many of our fixtures come with a full 25-year warranty that provides that peace of mind.

We also take care of maintenance issues for your first year: if a bulb goes out, call us, and we will arrive quickly on your doorstep. For the second year and beyond, we provide excellent and competitively priced maintenance programs if you should need it.

Finally, with other landscape lighting companies, it’s easy to find yourself working with an unlicensed contractor: there are nearly 20,000 unlicensed contractors across central Florida alone. Our contractors are fully licensed, making it easy to stand behind our work and to guarantee your satisfaction.

By installation of landscape lighting you can make you home safe in winterpark . 

Now that you know the five steps that help determine what landscape lighting and installation will really cost, you can make an intelligent decision about which outdoor lighting company to hire. That company should fulfill all your needs and desires for a beautiful and functional design that will last—at a price you can afford.


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