By Bob Kelly

Elegant Custom Images has been working with CopperMoon for about 6 years to supply outdoor landscape lighting fixtures for our clients in Orlando, Winter Park and throughout Central Florida. The reason why is huge. They have been in business for nearly 20 years, and manufacture one of the best equipment lines in the landscape lighting business for low voltage lighting. Their fixtures are made of heavy cast brass, which is top of the line in the landscape lighting business. You can find them online at

The combination of great lighting fixtures for our customer base, great folks to work with at CopperMoon, good inventory levels, and exceptional service, make them second to none in the landscape lighting industry. The CopperMoon product line fits with what we try to do as a Landscape Lighting Contractor. We offer top of the line products for durability and reliability. When we install CopperMoon products, the equipment is solid and we can depend on it. We have never had a quality issue whatsoever with their complete line of outdoor landscape lighting products. When CopperMoon says they will do something, you can bank on it.

Another benefit to using CopperMoon products is that their landscape lighting fixtures are made in the USA. We rely on them because of domestic inventory, domestic tech service, and domestic customer service. Our business relationship is built both on friendship and trust. We trust them to build high quality equipment at an affordable price and they trust us, as a high quality, well respected, contractor, to get that product in the ground correctly. That is why the product, once installed will last a lifetime. CopperMoon has a 25-year warranty to back that up.

If you’d like more information about Elegant Custom Images and our Orlando outdoor landscape lighting services, call us at 321-217-7822.