Our team of experts has compiled our top 3 tips for hiring the perfect landscape lighting contractor:

  1. Focus on Landscape Experts. There are a number of electrical contractors who also provide landscape lighting; if you are looking to complete a number of different lighting projects, this may be a more cost-effective option. We, however, would advise to go with a specialized landscape lighting contractor. These individuals not only have the skills, but also the creativity and landscape experience to perfectly design your landscape lighting.
  2. Licenses, certifications and insurance. When on the hunt for a landscape lighting contractor, ensuring a contractor has the proper licenses, certifications and insurance is a must-do. This ensures that a landscape lighting contractor has been trained and knows what they are doing. Additionally, the insurance will protect them and you!
  3. References and experience. References and online reviews are an excellent way to check out a landscape lighting contractor prior to hiring them. Look for a landscape lighting contractor who has a professional-looking website and a gallery of their work, and possibly even one who will give you a free quote.

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