Windermere Landscape LightingAdding landscape lighting to your Orlando home or business is a wonderful way to enhance the look of your property. However, some people are reluctant to install outdoor lighting because they hear conflicting stories about LED lights, the costs involved and maintenance issues. We’re here to set the record straight about ten landscape lighting myths, so you can make an informed decision about your investment.

1. The more light, the better

If you hear a salesperson claim, “the more light, the better” find someone else to do business with. This person is only interested in a quick sale, rather than educating you on effective and environmentally responsible lighting. When it comes to outdoor lighting, there comes a point where you can have too much of a good thing. More light simply means more glare, which can actually reduce visibility. Excessively bright, numerous and unshielded lights also cause clutter, light pollution and energy waste. Lighting quality is often as important to visibility as quantity.

2. Bluish LED lights are unflattering and cold looking

Bluish LED lights were the norm when these lights were introduced. But LED technology has come a long way, and can actually produce any color imaginable. After all, today’s flat-screen TV sets are made from LED’s. Elegant Custom Images uses a variety of colors, depending on the desired effects and customer preference. Normal is a warm white, which enhances stone and brick. We also have a pure white LED bulb, as well as a bulb with a slight blue tint which is mainly used for special effects or underwater.

3. LED outdoor lighting can’t produce the same light output that traditional fixtures can

LED lighting has become so popular now, that it’s being used to light up high rise buildings, bridges and monuments. Designers choose LED lights for these applications because of their high lumen output and versatility of color control.

4. LED Landscape lighting is more expensive than a 12 volt landscape lighting system

A 12 volt landscape lighting system will never pay for itself, yet LED outdoor lighting can. The 90% electrical savings quite often offsets the entire cost of an LED landscape lighting system. In some cases, landscape installation costs can actually be lower than traditional lighting since LED lighting is so efficient, fewer transformers and less cable are needed.

5. DIY outdoor lighting will look just as good as professional lighting

It’s rare that a do-it-yourself landscape lighting design will look as good as a professional installation would. That’s because professional lighting contractors have years of experience, and have studied exactly what types of bulbs and fixtures to use, and how to install the lighting to achieve beautiful lighting effects. A professional knows that it’s better to understate landscape lighting, and add more fixtures where needed, rather than overload the system and have your outdoor lighting design look overdone.

6. More light means more security

As we mentioned earlier, more light isn’t necessarily better, and that’s the case when it comes to security lighting. If the lighting isn’t set up properly, it can cause glare and deep shadows, which can actually reduce visibility and aid criminals. Bright lighting only provides an illusion of security. Decorative lighting can be both attractive and practical, from a security standpoint.

7. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting is costly to install

There is an initial expense associated with the installation of low voltage outdoor lighting. However, the savings on your electric bills, especially when you use LED lighting, can be recouped in about three years. In addition, the security and atmosphere created by landscape lighting is priceless.

8. A landscaper or irrigation contractor can install an excellent outdoor lighting system

It’s an unfortunate commonly held myth that a landscaper, irrigation contractor or other related professional can provide an excellent outdoor lighting system. The reality is different. Landscapers and irrigation contractors normally do not have an electrical license to install or repair any type of lighting. Low voltage landscape lighting systems require specialized knowledge, tools, training and extensive experience. You will be better served by seeking a professional whose sole focus is outdoor lighting. That contractor will be much more likely to design and in stall a top-of-the-line lighting project for your Orlando home or business. Plus, customers should also expect maintenance and repair to be done by the installing company.

At Elegant Custom Images, we provide free service during the first year after the lighting installation. After the first year, we have maintenance plans to fill any need. These agreements can save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the system.

9. Do-it-yourself outdoor lighting systems are inexpensive

Many homeowners install outdoor lighting fixtures they’ve purchased at home improvement stores themselves to save money. And it’s true that those fixtures are quite affordable. But they can also be problematic because of their poorly made components of plastics, mixed aluminum alloys and painted steel. Aluminum, in particular, is not suited for the heat and humidity of Central Florida. They rust and corrode prematurely and are more susceptible to damage from landscapers. Powder coated products fade quickly too. The quality of lighting created by these fixtures, transformers and bulbs just can’t compare to the professional systems which are often made of brass, copper and stainless steel. Elegant Custom Images uses heavy cast and milled brass fixtures, which are guaranteed for 25-years.

10. All outdoor lighting contractors are the same

Some people mistakenly think that all outdoor lighting companies provide the same quality of outdoor illumination systems, landscape lighting installation and repair. In reality, there are thousands of contractors who care more about making a quick buck, than installing a high quality system. These contractors are frequently unlicensed, uninsured, and inexperienced when it comes to regulating glare, contrast levels and pathway lighting. They typically sell inferior light fixtures and accessories, and don’t provide any type of maintenance package.

Top-rated landscape lighting companies use safe, high quality, low voltage components and outstanding lighting design. The best outdoor lighting companies in Orlando also offer a maintenance plan to ensure that your system works properly for years to come. When you want top of the line quality, excellent lighting design, safety and reliability, hiring a lighting professional will give you the best value for your investment.

For more information about Orlando landscape lighting, contact Elegant Custom Images at 321-217-7822.

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